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Our Vehicles

Wave Couriers has over 20 different types of vehicles available to meet your requirements. Whether you require an urgent letter, electrical cable, or a car engine delivery, we have a vehicle available to deliver it safely, and securely at your destination.
Check out our guide below to help choose which courier would work best for you, if you're still unsure or can't find the right vehicle, please get in touch.

Motorcycle Courier


We offer a motorcycle delivery service at Wave Couriers, this service is great for transporting last-minute paperwork, contracts, and small parcels around towns and cities.

Small Van 

Copy of Untitled (24).png

We offer a small van delivery service at Wave Couriers. Small Vans are able to carry one pallet or up to 350kg with a max length of 1.5 metres.

Small Vans are ideal for transporting smaller consignments around the country.

Medium Wheel-Base 

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Medium Wheel-Base Vans are ideal for transporting larger consignments. MWB Vans can carry up to 3 pallets, or 1400kg in weight with a max length of 3m. These are great for medium to large consignments.

Luton Van 

Copy of Untitled (19).png

We have a range of Luton Vans available at Wave Couriers. 
These are perfect for large consignments and are able to transport up to around 6 pallets, with a 4-meter max length. Luton Vans are perfect for house removals


Copy of Untitled (22).png

7.5tonne Lorries are available at Wave Couriers, these lorries have a huge 5.8 metre load length and a maximum weight of 2500kg. We also have 12 tonne couriers.


Copy of Untitled (23).png

We offer a car delivery service at Wave Couriers, this is often a great way of transporting smaller parcels, packages and paperwork around the country.

Short Wheel Base 

Copy of Untitled (15).png

Short-Wheel Base Vans are ideal for transporting up to two pallets, or up to 1000KG in weight, with a max length of 3m.

These are ideal for a range of consignments including rolls of cable, or car parts.

Long & Extra Long Wheel Base Van

Copy of Untitled (17).png

Long and Extra Long Wheel-Base Vans are perfect for transporting up to 4 pallets, with a weight of up to 1250kg and a max length of 4.2 meters. 

Flatbed Truck 

Copy of Untitled (20).png

Flatbed Trucks are perfect for long loads of up to 6 meters. These trucks are ideal for non-standard deliveries with irregular-shaped items. We have flatbeds available at Wave Couriers.

13.6M Artic

Copy of Untitled (21).png

With a max weight of 9,000kg and a 10.5-meter max length, these lorries can carry up to 12 pallets and are suitable for extra-large consignments. 

Specialist vehicles, for example, Temperature Controlled Vans or Lorries,
ADR Vehicles, Tail-lift, Moffet, and Back-loads are available on request.
Please contact us for any other vehicle requests.

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